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Refund Policy

Refund Policy

In the event that customers are not satisfied with the US Writing Experts services, we will modify the paper several times as ordered by customers. Nonetheless, the initial prerequisites and modification prerequisites directed by customers need to be the same. In case both do not match up, US Writing Experts will not be obliged to pay the money and modify the paper.

  • US Writing Experts provides the money-back guarantee in case of plagiarism. When there is an issue of plagiarism and the customer proves it with an authentic plagiarism report, we will refund your money.
  • We also offer the refund guarantee if there is an issue of non satisfaction of the paper. You must ask us to revise the paper at least three times in case of dissatisfaction. After third time of revision, case will be sent to management and they will inquire about the issue with customer and editing team. A partial refund (30 – 50%) will be issued to the customer in this case.

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